Sound Reel

Sound Design samples coming soon.



My Design Philosophy

I believe a designer’s process is always evolving.

My philosophy of design is very much rooted in the idea of “less is more.” This is not to imply that I am a minimalist, although I prefer design elements that carry multiple pertinent perspectives to the spectator.

A particular objective of the sound designer is to capitalize on the imaginative powers of each individual in the audience. The designer should have an understanding of all the potential meanings for a sound and appropriately use them to entice each mind in the audience into intellectual and emotional involvement with the production.

My Equipment

Having a good ear for great audio gear.

Persuasive Sound's philosophy on equipment is simple: Buy great gear, master it, and use it to it's fullest to produce a wide range of sounds for our clients! We have a wide range of sound gear available to fit any of your on site production needs. Our sound design studio is equipped to handle the most demanding post preduction and final mix requirments.